2014: A Year In Review

2014: A Year In Review

This post should have gone up a long time ago, but I got very busy in the last two months. I still wanted to publish it because it is important for me to share this and be held accountable.

I also put together my 10 favorite images shot in 2015, and you can see them in the slideshow above.

A year ago, I wrote a post about my goals for 2014 and it is time to do A Year In Review! So let’s go through the list of goals and see how it went:

Build an architectural portfolio: while this was initially intended as a fine art architecture portfolio, I ended up building a commercial architecture portfolio. Goal reached!

Have my images in a public space: I did not really pursue this objective but I am in talks with an art gallery.

Publish at least 2 ebooks and 10 video tutorials: this goal was very optimistic and while I published the two ebooks, I did not get to record and publish the videos. Goal half reached!

Visit at least 5 cities and meet new photographers: San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal and New York City twice. And I met with awesome people such as Swee Oh and Larry Nienkark. Goal reached!

Launch a monthly newsletter: I sent out 10 newsletters in 2014 and the experience has been very interesting. I am going to include more original content in 2015. Goal reached!

Publish monthly wallpapers: I am very happy with this one. I published all 12 of them! Goal reached!

Explore stock photography: this was a tough one because it is time-consuming. I spent some time in various stock websites, but I am not sure it is really for me. Goal reached!

Attend my first workshop: the workshop I was interested in happened during one of my trips, so I missed this one!

Find a job: I will not bore you with the details, but I was hired as a sourcing specialist at OECM. Goal reached!

Be happy: though there has been a few rough weeks, 2014 was the year we settled in our new home in Canada and we got to travel quite a lot! I cannot complain here! Goal reached!

Interestingly, I complete 3/4 of my goals, exactly like in 2013. I really enjoy doing a year in review because it shows me that I did not stagnate, and it pushes me to reach for even higher grounds in 2015.

2014 was a great year for me, during which I settled in a new city, improved significantly my photography and made some important decisions about where to go next.

A lot has happened in the last few months and 2015 will be really exciting. I will be sharing all of this very soon, including my objectives for this year.

Thank you for your support!

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