5 photography blogs to follow

5 photography blogs to follow

This is the first of a series of posts about learning and inspirational resources for photographers. There are a lot of blogs, videos and ebooks out there these days and it can be overwhelming. I am writing about resources that I am using: blogs I read, Youtube channels I watch, ebooks I have read, etc… Some of them are well-known, others not so much. But they all offer high-quality and interesting content. I settled on featuring 5 of them to give you something manageable.

The first installment of the series is about blogs. I chose to focus on general blogs that offer educational posts (I will cover influencers in another post). All the blogs below will give you a lot of interesting stuff, and they usually have a variety of points of view.


Photofocus is one of the best references about photography that you can find. Founded by the great photographer and teacher Scott Bourne, the blog is now published by Richard Harrington and has many contributors, such as Nicole Young, Brian Matiash and Levi Sim. Photofocus has become an invaluable resource. It covers a wide range of topics, from post-processing to inspirational posts to business advice. I really enjoy the variety of points of view and the down-to-earth approach of most articles.

Who is it for? Beginners and advanced photographers alike that want a daily dose of interesting posts.

Dreamscapes by Ian Plant

Ian Plant is a renown landscape photographer and his blog is an endless source of inspiration. It features articles by over 10 different contributors such as Richard Bernabe, Ron Coscorra and Joseph Rossbach. With images from all over the world, Dreamscapes is a great way to discover the planet and learn about photography. I love going through the posts because they always contain mesmerizing images. The image quality of Dreamscapes is astounding.

Who is it for? Photographers who like beautiful landscapes and want to learn how to create them.

Visual Wilderness by Jay and Varina Patel

Jay and Varina Patel are amazing photographers and teachers. While they focus on landscape photography, their blog post are often much broader, talking about processing, business and many other things. They recently started having more guest authors on the blog, providing different points of view and interesting content. They are all about creating high-quality images and give great tips for you to achieve similar results.

Who is it for? Photographers who want to learn more about technique, on location and in front of the computer.

Out of Chicago by Chris Smith

While this may look like just a local blog, Out of Chicago really is more than that. Chris Smith has created an inspiring community around people who love photographing Chicago. And it includes a lot of people who do not live in Chicago. The blog has many authors from different backgrounds, and while it focuses on urban photography, it talks about a lot of other things as well. I love Chicago and I am one of the contributors to the blog.

Who is it for? Photographers who enjoy a wide variety of topics and want to learn more (or discover) Chicago.


How not to mention one the most well-known photography websites? Petapixel is a great resource to follow the latest news and trends in the photography world. The blog also features interesting projects by photographers, so it can be a great source of inspiration. Other articles about the industry may come across as controversial.

Who is it for? Photographers who want to keep up with photography news.


What about you? Which blogs do you follow?

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