5 photography YouTube channels to watch

5 photography YouTube channels to watch

This next article in the series gives you 5 YouTube channels to explore. They all post regular updates with interesting content, from business stuff to critiques. I love watching some of these shows while I am retouching, I can keep up to date on trends and learn new things!

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Photofocus: Mind Your Own Business

Photofocus is a trove of information (see my earlier article where I talk about their blog). They have different video series, but I like this one the most because not many photographers talk about the business side of things. Hosts Richard Harrington and Skip Cohen talk about the different aspects of running of a photography business with their successful guests. They always give specific and practical advice, which makes all the difference.

Who is it for? Photographers who are interested in the business side of photography, whether you are running your own business or thinking about starting one.

Kelby One: The Grid

Scott Kelby and RC Concection host a weekly show on Wednesdays, talking about everything related to photography. They often have guests that give great insights about the industry and great advice on all aspects of photography. I especially love special episodes such as blind critique that are very helpful for viewers. Most episodes end with giveaways, such as books or conference tickets.

Who is it for? Photographers who want to keep in touch with the industry and learn from the pros.

DigitalRev TV

From gear reviews to challenges, everything goes on DigitalRev. From Hong-Kong, Kai and Lok present the topics with lightness and humor, making the whole thing very entertaining. They post regular updates, a couple of times a week. I really enjoy this channel, because there is always something interesting or funny to watch, often both!

Who is it for? Photographers who don’t take themselves too seriously and like to laugh.

Chase Jarvis: Creative Live

Chase Jarvis is one of the most interesting and famous photographers in the industry. He created the Creative Live website that offers creative classes. The latest class is free and you have to pay for the older ones. The YouTube channel is free and has a lot of learning resources for photographers. There is always something interesting to watch!

Who is it for? Photographers who want to learn not only about photography but about creativity in general.

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes run the Art of Photography YouTube channel, posting a variety of videos covering famous photographers, photography techniques, composition, the history of photography and more. He also answers questions from viewers, always giving very hands-on advice. I loved one of his latest videos “Should I work for free?“.

Who is it for? Photographers that want to know about all sides of photography.

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