Architecture of the Tour Part-Dieu in Lyon, France

Architecture of the Tour Part-Dieu in Lyon, France

Lyon has always been associated with its tallest tower, nicknamed “The Pencil” (Le Crayon in French). The iconic red cylinder, surmounted by a pyramid is by far the tallest building of the city at 165 meters (540 feet). Naturally it’s been agoal of mine to find a compelling composition for this tower.

Unfortunately I find it’s one of toughest buildings to photograph in Lyon. The apparent simplicity of the tower and the unflattering environment (surrounded by a mall) make it very difficult to find a good angle. I finally found a nice spot with the amphitheater in the foreground. Here is the image:

Les couleurs de Lyon  |  Tour Part-Dieu - Lyon, France

Les couleurs de Lyon | Tour Part-Dieu – Lyon, France

My ultimate goal was to make a black & white architectural image from this building. I managed to find a great vantage point with parking access ramps in the foreground, leading to the tower (see image at the top). Using the sunset light which was only lighting one side of the tower helped giving an additional edge to the composition. The only unfortunate part was there was not a single cloud on that day, which made the sky a bit dull.

Here’s the before/after of the B&W image:

[wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” height=”auto” max_width=”376″ anim_speed=”600″ start_percent=”0.5″ lightbox=”simple+lightbox” disable_intro=”true”][wpw_ba_img src=”” data_second=”” title=”On the edge of darkness | Tour Oxygène – Lyon, France” data_info=”Rolling in the dark | Tour Part-Dieu – Lyon, France”][/wpw_ba_viewer]

As usual, any feedback – good or bad – is welcome. I can only improve my skills with your comments!

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