Before/After: Brooklyn Bridge Park

Before/After: Brooklyn Bridge Park

It has been a while since I have shared a before/after here on the blog. I am trying to be as transparent as possible on how much post-processing I use. I firmly believe that post-processing is part of creating an image. Even when I share an image from my phone, I do a little retouching here and there to make the image as I saw it when I shot it.

In this case, I shot this image at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York in September. It was shot before sunrise, with a long exposure of 90 seconds to get very smooth water. It was a great way to bring out the reflected colors in the river.

[wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” height=”auto” anim_speed=”600″ start_percent=”0.5″ lightbox=”simple+lightbox” disable_intro=”true”][wpw_ba_img src=”” data_second=”” data_info=”Quiet Morning | Downtown Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park – New York, NY”][/wpw_ba_viewer]

The before/after here is not too dramatic, but I wanted to show that the adjustments I made are targeted. I added a lot of clarity and sharpness to the buildings and wood posts. I worked on the colors to bring out the blues and yellows. I added some localized vignette to maximize impact. The image also needed some lens correction.

Nothing too drastic, but as you can see, the image would be quite different without post-processing.


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