Blue hour on the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto

Blue hour on the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto

I haven’t posted images from Toronto in a while so I thought I would take a picture of the view from our place. Not bad, huh?

We recently moved to a new flat in Downtown Toronto in a condominium tower just outside of the business district. From the 28th floor, we have a fantastic view over the Ritz-Carlton Tower and Downtown to the east. We also see the CN Tower and the lake to the southeast. The Ritz-Carlton is a very distinctive building in the skyline and the architect did a very good job in my opinion.

Last week, I noticed some small clouds quickly passing over the city. There must have been quite some wind! The blue hour was about to happen, so I hurried up to set up my tripod.

Even though it already was fairly dark, I used a 3-stop neutral density filter (Hoya ND8) to get a longer exposure time. I was able to shoot a 1-minute exposure, with beautiful cloud streaks in the sky.

I honestly did little post-processing on this image and no major color retouching. I could almost have shared the original file!

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