Digital Blending – Las Vegas

Digital Blending – Las Vegas

For my first post in a long time, I am trying out a new concept. To be as transparent as possible, I will show you before and after images from time to time. You will be able to see exactly how much post-processing I’m applying to my images. Let’s start with some digital blending in Las Vegas.

For my second visit to Las Vegas, we booked a wonderful suite at the Cosmopolitan. Now, note that it’s one of the very few hotels on the Strip with balconies, which is a great opportunity for photography. Having a suite on the 57th floor overlooking the Las Vegas Blvd was simply fantastic. We had a view over the City Center and we had a wonderful sunset one night.

Shooting towards the sunset means however a drastic range of luminosity between the foreground and the sky. To achieve the result you see above, I had to use digital blending with two images. I shot and processed one image for the city and one image for the sky. Then I blended the two in Photoshop using selections and masks before applying my final adjustments. You can see below one of the original images (exposed for the city) and the final image. Click on the top right corner to get a full screen view.

[wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” height=”auto” max_width=”846″ anim_speed=”600″ start_percent=”0.5″ lightbox=”simple+lightbox” disable_intro=”true”][wpw_ba_img src=”” data_second=”” title=”A City Without Time” data_info=”A City Without Time”][/wpw_ba_viewer]

As you can see, I corrected the perspective, increase the contrast and the clarity and made some color adjustments.

I certainly hope you will enjoy this new way of talking about my images. Please let me know your thoughts.

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