European Photo Show #2

I am currently managing a theme and page on Google+ (I will be talking more about it on another post) and we recently started a biweekly online video show: European Photo Show.

For those of you that are not familiar with Google+, there is a service called Hangouts where you can video chat with several people. Google introduced the Hangout on air which is the same idea but anyone can also watch the video chat, and it’s recorded on Youtube so you can watch it later. It is a wonderful tool for people to conduct interviews or create shows (like on TV) but on the Internet and for free.

We started the European Photo Show in May with +Ugo Cei and we aired our second episode this week. The show airs every two Thursdays at 8PM CET. We are featuring photographers from Europe: where they like to shoot, what they like to shoot, the events they’re organizing, etc… They usually show us their latest images during the show, so everyone can appreciate their work.

In this episode 2 of the European Photo Show, we talked about long exposure photography with:

Athena and Andy announced the location of the +UK Seaside Photowalk: it will be in Dorset in October (here’s the map) and Julia talked about her workshop in Chicago.

At the end of the show, we usually share unknown photographers from Europe so more people can appreciate their work and follow them on social medias. Here are the discoveries we shared during the show:

Episode 3 will air on June 13th at 8PM CET and will feature photographers from the UK and Ireland.

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