European Photography Show #6

European Photography Show #6

Our 6th episode of the European Photography Show aired yesterday. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m hosting a biweekly Hangout on Air Show on Google+ with my friend +Ugo Cei. The show airs every two Thursdays at 8PM CET. We are featuring photographers from Europe: where they like to shoot, what they like to shoot, the events they’re organizing, etc… They usually show us their latest images during the show, so everyone can appreciate their work.

On this episode, we talked about landscape photography and long exposure with Francesco Gola []. He’s a fantastic photographer and he showed us some beautiful seascapes from Europe, and especially Italy.

Ugo was just back from his trip to Maine in the US, so he shared some seascapes as well. I closed the episode with my blue hour series from Lyon, France.

At the end of the show, we usually share unknown photographers from Europe so more people can appreciate their work and follow them on social medias. Here are the discoveries we shared during the show: +Anthony Owen-Jones, +David Cleland and +Rainer Mirau.

Episode 7 should air on August 8th at 8PM CET and will feature expat photographers from/in Europe.

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