Getting an image licensed for a window mural

Getting an image licensed for a window mural

A few months ago, I was contacted by LoyaltyOne, a company who has its offices in one of the buildings I have photographed. They had seen my aerial images of the building and they wanted to use one as a mural in their new offices.

Some of their windows only show the mechanical components of the roof, so they wanted to put a large translucent print to hide it. They were interested in one of my images but needed it in black and white. They sent a couple of reference images and I converted my image to black and white, giving it a similar look (using brightness and contrast mostly).

I then drafted a contract outlining the specific use of the image. See, licensing the image means that the client pays for a specific use, and only that use. In this case, they can only use the image for the window mural.

Once the window mural was installed, they were nice enough to let me come and take a few images. It was great to be able to see the final result! I love the translucent image and how the light still comes in through it.

Here’s a wider view of the area where the mural is. It’s a little cafe that they have in their offices. After taking the photos, they gave us a tour of the offices, which are absolutely stunning! Such a great place to work at!

For reference, here’s the black and white image I sent them. The result is pretty good, right?

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