Give your clients choice, but limit their options

Give your clients choice, but limit their options

When we work with clients, whether they are consumers or commercial clients, we like to give them choice. Pricing, licensing, products, sizes, there are many ways to give options to your clients. But have you ever considered that it might be a bad idea to give them too many choices?

It’s obviously a good idea to have more than one option. Your clients want options. The trick is to give them just enough choice that they’re happy but not too much that they are lost.

Do the work for them

Let’s take an example: when the client reviews images after a photoshoot, what happens if you show them 500 images? They’re lost and they don’t know which ones to pick, especially if the images are very similar. Instead, streamline the process and show them 10-20 images that are clearly different. Do the work for them: you will have creative input and their experience will be much more enjoyable.

You’re not Walmart.

It’s exactly the same with your product/service offering. How are clients supposed to pick if you have 36 different sizes and 12 types of prints? You’re not Walmart, you don’t need to offer every product that exists.  Carefully curate the list of your products: only keep the most popular products and the ones that have the best margins.

When building your pricing, be careful not to confuse your customer. For example, if you have packages, have 2 to 4 of them and clearly describe the differences. Make it simple for you customer.

Just put yourself in the customer’s place: would you rather have a simple, clear, concise offering or a cluttered, complex, difficult choice? If what you offer is easy to understand and easy to pick from, you will not only get more clients, but you will also sell more.

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