Interior photography: Shooting a high-end kitchen

Interior photography: Shooting a high-end kitchen

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of shooting a high-end kitchen in a condo in the Yorkville area in Toronto. The unit wasn’t occupied yet (I shot the day of the closing). As my client didn’t want to stage the unit, the kitchen looks a little empty, unfortunately.

For both shots, I used two lights, on near the camera and one at about a 90° angle. The wood on the floor and cupboards is very dark so I shot several frames with flash on the different wooden parts. I also used a reflector to tame the reflections on the white island.

I made the decision not to do anything about the reflections on the glass of the cupboard. As there was nothing inside, it was more interesting to see the view reflected. It simply meant I had to make sure I wasn’t in the reflections, nor my lights.

In the second image, I had an additional step. I wanted the interior of the wine fridge to show well. So I cut the reflections with a reflector and exposed for the inside of the fridge.

36 Hazelton - Toronto, ON

Second angle

When working on the images in post-processing, I blended some ambient lighting to make it look more natural. I made sure there was a nice balance between the bright, white areas and the wood.

I really enjoyed shooting this high-end kitchen. This is the kind of project I long for. However, I must say I wish I would have shot it under better conditions. Staging and better weather would make a huge difference, even though I think the images already are beautiful.

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