Licensing images for a Stone Island T-Shirt

Licensing images for a Stone Island T-Shirt

This week, I finally received some sample T-shirts from Stone Island, a brand who licensed one of my images to put on a T-shirt. After about a year, it’s really cool to finally see the final product in my hands!

The company contacted me to license the image last year. As part of the pricing negotiation, I added 5 free T-shirts. It’s an easy way to get some extra value, and clients tends to agree as it doesn’t cost them much.


Here’s a closer view of the design.  They made some color / contrast adjustments and added their logo.

Here is the original image. As you can see, they also rotated the image 🙂

If you like the design, you can have a look on Stone Island’s website. They have quite a few different colors! (just to be open, I do not get any commission from the sales).

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