New ebook: Bleu Lyon

New ebook: Bleu Lyon

I am very happy to announce that my ebook “Bleu Lyon” is now available. It is also the perfect opportunity to add a store section to this website. You will be able to purchase and/or download ebooks, but also video tutorials very soon (more to come in the next month).

Disclaimer: this ebook is in French, because the texts are aimed at people living in Lyon or visiting Lyon. However, the images alone are worth it if you cannot read French.

The city: Lyon

Lyon is the second biggest city in France. It is located in the middle of the country, close to the Alps. It used to be the capital of the country, back when it was called the Gaul and before it was occupied by the Romans. It is a dynamic and economically strong city, but it is still in the shadow of Paris. A lot is being done to change that, and this ebook will show you that Lyon has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a visit.


The project

The idea of Bleu Lyon started when I wanted to do a project about the city I lived in – Lyon, France. I was looking for a goal that would make me learn new things in photography, but I also wanted to learn about the city. This is why I set out to photograph most landmarks, choosing the blue hour as a unique point of view over the buildings. I am convinced it is one of the best times (if not the best) to photograph cityscapes. In the meantime, I was reading about these landmarks and their history, be it short (a few years) or long (over a millennium).

It meant going out regularly in Lyon, during the evening to capture the pictures. It was challenging, but it made me shoot a lot, which is very good to improve my skills. Daily, I had to watch the weather, check the sunset time, plan my shoot according to the locations… I also did a lot of reading, mostly online, about the history of all these places. Some were captivating, going back several centuries and surviving fires, wars and reconstruction. Some were short, especially for the modern buildings, but explained a lot about the current state of the city.


The ebook

To go the full distance with my project, I needed to publish it somehow, to share these beautiful images along with the history of the landmarks. I gave it a lot of thought and the best way to make it happen was to write an ebook. I tought about working with the Lightroom Book module and make the ebook with Blurb, but it was too limiting. That’s when I realized I had to learn Adobe InDesign.

It was not easy at first, but you get used to it pretty fast. The possibilities are endless and it’s definitely the best way to make an ebook. If you are considering making your own ebook, I cannot recommend InDesign enough. And for those of you who want to publish a book on Blurb, there is a very useful plugin for InDesign.

For now, it is only available as a PDF on this website. The big upside of the PDF version is that I control exactly how the images are displayed, and I make sure they all look very good. If you are a photographer, this ebook will give you tons of inspiration for your next photo trip in Lyon. I also plan on releasing a version on Amazon in the coming weeks.

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As Bleu Lyon is my very first serious ebook, I would appreciate if you could spread the word and maybe leave a review to help me get the word out. Anything helps.


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