Photographers: Your time is worth more than you think

Photographers: Your time is worth more than you think

As photographers, we tend to control everything. We love our work and we like to control every element from the photoshoot to the final result (digital or print). A mistake I have made and I see others make is to apply this to business.

In the almost two years I’ve been in business, I’ve learned the value of my time. When I started out, for a long time I kept doing everything myself. It was a big mistake. You see, I’m not good at everything. There are a lot of things that other people can do better and faster than me. Doing these things is wasting my time and losing me money.

Your time is worth more than you think. It is better spent on activities that you master. Unless you excel at one of your business activities, it can be delegated to someone else. For example, my time is well spent on shooting, marketing and meeting with clients. Almost everything else can be done as well, if not better or faster, by someone else. Accounting, web design, graphic design, invoicing, copywriting, and even retouching, are all examples of activities I want to outsource.

Your goal is to identify which skills you’re bringing to your business. Decide where you make a difference and where other people could do the job as well or better.

“But it’s going to cost me money” you might say. Yes, it will, but not if you look at the big picture. Let’s take a specific example. This year, I outsourced my website redesign. While it did cost me money, it also freed a big chunk of my time. Had I designed the website myself, it would probably have taken me a week or more. During that extra week of time, the activities I spent my time on ended up making more money that I spent on the web designer. If I spent that week marketing to new clients, I would get enough work to more than make up the cost of the website design.

So think about it for a second. What can you outsource to get some of your time back?

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