Pier 27 in Toronto from a drone

Pier 27 in Toronto from a drone

Last week, a developer let me fly my drone around their nearly completed building. Located on the Waterfront in Toronto, the Pier 27 condominiums have a really interesting architecture. Developed by Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes, the building was designed by architectsAlliance.

I was shooting for UrbanToronto and it was a great opportunity to get some interesting still and video. Unfortunately, I could not fly over the water because planes landing at the Billy Bishop Airport pass really close.

I put together the short video at the top to showcase the different features of Pier 27. Shooting video is still very new to me, so please feel free to critique!

Here are a few still images I got, to show you what the building looks like.

Pier 27 - Main View

The Main View

Pier 27 - West Side

The West Side

Pier 27 - East Side

The East Side

Pier 27 - Sky Bridge

The Sky Bridge

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  • testing12474 August 10, 2015 9:31 pm

    Did you get Permission from the airport to fly a drone in its airspace like that? You could be faced with a $25,000 fine for that video.

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