San Francisco’s skyline from Potrero Hill

San Francisco’s skyline from Potrero Hill

Potrero Hill is one of the many hills that compose San Francisco. It is a residential area that you would not visit as a tourist; but as a photographer, it offers one of the most interesting views of the city skyline.

Getting to Potrero Hill is not too hard. It is right off the I-280 south of Downtown and you can take the bus 10 from the Embarcadero. Head to Texas and 19th and you will see this view to the North.

To see where this image was shot exactly, click on the metadata below the image. All my images are geo-tagged and you just have to click on the link to open a Google Map.

As I mentioned, this is a residential street with little traffic. It allowed us to set up our tripods on the street, where cars park. Be careful and always keep an eye on cars, especially at night. They might not see you in the dark.

I would definitely go at night to get the car lights on the highway. Blue hour should be even better, especially with some clouds. Just be respectful of this peaceful neighborhood.

To get this image, I shot two frames side by side (overlapping about 30%). I then assembled them in Photoshop using the auto-merge feature. The result is this wider image (2:1 ratio) that retains the details thanks to a higher resolution (as opposed to cropping a single frame).

What I love about Potrero Hill is that it offers a better foreground than the usual water reflection that you get in other spots around the city. It also shows a different side of the financial district, that we are less used to see.

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