The Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton, Ontario

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton, Ontario

Last year, Toronto hosted the 2015 Pan Am Games. The event was a success, and it involved building a certain number of venues to host the different games. Some of these venues had some pretty nice architecture, so I decided to go photograph a couple of them.

Let’s start with the velodrome, now called the Mattamy National Cycling Centre. Located in Milton, ON, it’s about 1h west of Downtown Toronto, in the middle of fields. When you get there, it definitely looks like the city just stopped and you’re suddenly in the country. Which makes for some nice views to photograph!

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - Main View (2)

Main View (2)

The project involved a large number of companies, including 3 architectural firms, which seems to communicate the complexity of building a velodrome.

[icon_box title=”Project Info” icon=”fa-info-circle “]Developer: Infrastructure Ontario
Architects: B+H Architects, FaulknerBrowns Architects, Cannon Design
Builder: Bouygues Building Canada, Kenaidan Contracting
Engineering: Arup, Morrison Hershfield[/icon_box]

I headed to the velodrome very early in the morning, hoping to catch the blue hour and sunrise at dawn. While the forecast was sunny, I soon realized that it was really foggy near the lake. I hoped it would clear up by the time I reached the velodrome since it wasn’t near the lake. It was still foggy when I arrived, but I made the most of it on the shot below, and by sunrise it was mostly clear. Never lose hope!

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - South View

South View

As you might expect, the velodrome is quite round, which means it structure is similar on most angles. There is, however, a public side, as opposed to the athletes’ back entrance. The public entrance is beautiful and has become my favorite shot:

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - East View

East View

The public side is surrounded by some nice landscaping, and, of course, a bike path leads to the velodrome and all of its entrances.

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - East Entrance (3)

Mattamy National Cycling Centre – Milton, ON

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - East Entrance (2)

Mattamy National Cycling Centre – Milton, ON

From the back, the velodrome really looks like a large cylinder. While the cladding is beautiful, I do prefer the public side.

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - West View

West View

Interestingly, they still had the Pan Am flags up in October, even though the games actually ended in August.

Mattamy National Cycling Centre - North View

North View

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is definitely one of my favorite buildings in the Toronto area. Soaring in the middle of the fields, the architecture is just beautiful. Shooting it at sunrise was definitely a great choice, and I was actually able to get all my angles early in the morning. Not a bad way to start the day!

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