Website Refresh

Website Refresh

It was time for a website refresh. After moving to Photoshelter for the prints and licenses, I wanted to reorganize the website to offer a better experience.

First of all, I separated my commercial portfolio from the blog, it is now at Another Angle will focus on the blog and the community, with ebooks, tutorials and more. The blog is now on the homepage, when you scroll down.

The about section is also much more detailed, and includes the gear I am currently using, as well as my published work.

To go along with the website refresh, I also have a new logo. I designed the first one, but I am definitely not a designer. This one looks more professional and addresses the commercial side as well.

New Logo

New Logo

I really hope you enjoy the new design. Please do let me know if you see anything that does not work. I will fix it as soon as possible.

More big news to come soon!

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