Why downtime is important for business owners

Why downtime is important for business owners

As photographers and business owners, we can easily stay busy for weeks on end. There is always something else to do. We always want more clients, more jobs, more photoshoots. But sometimes, it’s healthy to have some downtime.

While some of you may be very busy around the holidays, others like me often find their activity winding down in winter. Because of weather and nature, I rarely shoot commercial exteriors in winter, which means I have fewer photoshoots during that period. It can be a little unnerving financially, but I do welcome the downtime as it allows me to focus on other things.

My summer can be insanely busy. This year, I went almost an entire month without a single day off. I don’t mind it, but when I’m that busy with photoshoots and retouching, other areas of my business suffer. Downtime is great to catch up on administrative tasks for example. I also spend more time on client outreach during winter months, trying to get new clients before the next summer.

Slow periods are great to reflect on your business. You can take the time to look back at your year and analyze how things are going. Maybe you need to make some changes. Maybe you need to double down on some strategies.

With the holidays approaching, a little downtime to relax and recharge your batteries is very healthy. Take some time off, take a trip, spend time with your family. Do not work. Do not answer emails. I know it’s hard, but you’ll come back rested and ready to hustle!

The last thing I like to do during my downtime is learning. It’s the perfect time to read that ebook or watch that video that has been sitting on your computer for weeks. Continuous education will help you stay on top of your game. I recommend mixing the subjects: business, technical stuff, creativity… You need it all for your business!

Enjoy your downtime and happy holidays!

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