Why providing a customer experience is key for your business

Why providing a customer experience is key for your business

As photographers, we tend to focus on the images and the creative side. It’s easy to think that great images will be enough to get and retain clients. The reality is, today a lot of people have great images. It’s become harder to differentiate yourself based on your work alone. This is why it’s important to create a top-notch customer experience for your clients.

How often do you complain about customer service for things you buy? We all do! Well, think about it for a minute. Why would your clients be any different? And if they are complaining about your product or your service, do you think they will come back?

After one of my photoshoots, a client emailed me to tell me that a couple of angles were not in the proofs. As far as I can remember, they never mentioned these angles. What do you think I said? I replied right away, apologizing for the mistake and offering to go back on site the same day, free of charge. While we ended up scheduling the re-shoot for later, my client thanked me for understanding and for finding a quick resolution.

Had I told my client that it was their fault and asked to be paid to re-shoot, I’m sure they would have come away with a bad experience. By apologizing and offering a quick solution, I made sure they were happy.

Provide more than just images

You need to provide more than just images to your clients. You need to provide a service. You need to provide an experience. The customer experience starts from the first email and goes on even after you get paid.

It’s all about little things: calling a client instead of emailing, sending an email after a photoshoot to let them know everything went well, sending a thank-you card after a project is completed, taking your best clients out to lunch once in a while…

One thing you can do is go over your sales process, from the first contact to when you deliver the final product, and see what the customer experience looks like. Find ways to make your clients feel valued and appreciated. Be different.


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