U.S. Southwest – Rock & Fire ebook


Fine art landscape photography in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. Discover the most stunning landscapes of the U.S. South West in a beautifully presented ebook.

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Rock & Fire is a free ebook featuring the most stunning images of the U.S. South West in a beautiful format. All images were photographed by Michael Muraz during a trip in October 2013.

The South West is certainly one of the most impressive regions of the United States. There is a reason as to why there are so many parks in the area: the raw, ancient landscapes cannot be seen anywhere else.

Understanding the South West is understanding history: learn about the ancient civilizations like the Anasazi, as well as about the geology and the millions of years required to carve such a landscape.

The sheer beauty you encounter every step of the way is mesmerizing. There is so much variety that each new park is like starting a new chapter in the history of the South West. One trip is never enough to see everything: you have to come back again and again, revealing new layers each time.

I certainly hope the images of Rock & Fire help you experience some of the magic of the places I had the chance to visit.


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